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Bee Inclined is an online 'swap board'. If you are busy or unable to make a class for whatever reason there is the option to make an exchange for a session that you can make. You will need to make your swap at least 24 hours in advance. You will receive a token that can then be used to book another class. If there isn't a suitable alternative, please keep checking back, as the more swaps that are offered, the more will become available.

To offer a class in return for a token visit Bee Inclined passcode chandrayoga and go to the bottom of the page. Swaps must be taken during the course that they are offered and require 24 hours notice. Swaps can be taken at any point prior to the chosen session.


KYou will receive a token number. Keep this safely to book another session. 





















To book a class using your token scroll back to the top of the page. Choose a class from the list on the right hand side and enter your token code.


You will receive confirmation for your new booking.

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